Ever Roka
Brand Choice
Who hasn't enjoyed delicious instant noodles? Just add a little hot water and go from hungry to happy in record time. Loveme provides delicious noodles in bag and cup package. There are seven flavors for your freely choice: Prawn, Chicken, Spicy Chicken, Mushroom, Beef and Spicy Curry.
Bag: 65g (Package materials: BOPP/PP)
Cup: 65g (Package materials: Paper/EPS/PP)
Box Size 30x65g 6x3x65g 6x6x65g   12x65g 12x3x65g 12x6x65g
20’ FCL
  2750 4200 2000   2400 600 300
  6450 10150 4800   5450 1500 760
40’ HQ
* The package numbers in box can be customized as your request.
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