Ever Roka
Brand Choice
To achieve the consistently high quality and superior flavor, we use the best ingredients and follow exacting manufacturing processes. Rookee provides delicious noodles in bag and cup package. There are seven flavors for your freely choice: BBQ Beef, Sweet&Sour, Prawn, Spicy Chili, Vegetable, Curry and Chicken.
Bag: 85g (Package materials: BOPP/PP)
Cup: 65g (Package materials: Paper/EPS/PP)
Box Size 30x85g 6x5x85g 6x6x85g 3x10x85g   12x65g 12x3x65g 12x6x65g
20’ FCL
  2600 2500 2100 2550   2400 600 300
  6000 5900 4900 6000   5450 1500 760
40’ HQ
* The package numbers in box can be customized as your request.
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